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Gooby Fleece Vest Dog Sweater

Gooby Fleece Vest Dog Sweater

The Gooby Fleece Vest Dog Sweater is the perfect solution for keeping your dachshund warm during those chilly winter days. Made with soft and comfortable 100% polyester fleece, this vest is designed to keep moisture out and warm air in, ensuring your furry friend stays cozy all winter long.

With a convenient pullover design, the Gooby Fleece Dog Vest is easy to put on and take off, without any hassle of velcro or zippers. Plus, it features a leash attachment and armholes, making it both stylish and functional.

Available in over 17 different colors, this small dog sweater is machine washable, making it easy to clean after those dirty winter walks. And with accurate small to medium-dog sizing, finding the perfect fit for your dachshund is easier than ever. Check the details and price on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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